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Argo-Hytos Hydraulic

Argo-Hytos produces a wide range of hydraulic products covering solenoid valves, solenoid coil, explosion proof valves, connection plates & manifolds, pressure switches, power packs, hydraulic drives, filters, tank solutions and sensors.

Type of Argo-Hytos valves include directional control valves, check valves, pressure control valves, flow control valves, motion control valves, and proportional valves. 

Model of Argo-Hytos Valve: RPR3-04, RPR3-06, RPR1-10, RPH2-06, RPEK1-03, RPER3-06, RPK1-06, SD2H-LA3, RNEH1-10, SD2E-A3, ROE3-062S2, SD1E-A3, ROR3-062, VJL2-304, SCC5H-Q3/L

Type of Argo-Hytos Pressure Switch includes Mechanical pressure switch (TS4, MTS), Electronical Pressure Switch (TSE1), Electronic Pressure Switch (TSE2-D), Pressure Switch Sandwich Plate (TS3 MTS)

Type of Argo-Hytos Filter includes suction filter, return filter, return suction filter, filter cooling units, pressure filter, high pressure filter, filling & ventilating filter, clogging indicator, filter elements and off-line filters. 

Filter models: AS 010, AS 060, LS 025, SFL 025, SFL 035, ES 075, ES 094, ESS 144, ES 134, RFL 100, D 230, RFL 230, RFT 072, E 444, HD 617, HD 417, HD 172, HD 152, HD 040, HD 081, HD 150

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