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PALL Filter


PALL Filters are made of the highest quality filtration products to cater for wide range of industrial application. Starfound Industrial Sdn Bhd can supply a wide range of PALL Filters in Malaysia.  

PALL filter includes Pall Filter Cartridge & Elements (consists of Profile II Filter Cartridge, Ultipor GF Plus Filters, Emflon Filter), Pall hydraulic filters (consisting of Ultipor III Filter Elements, Ultipleat SRT Filter, Ultipor SRT Filter Elements), Pall Coalescers Filters (Consisting of Aqua Sep Coalescer, SepraSol Liquid, Phasesep Coalescer), Pall Filter Housings (T Range Assembly, 2022 Series Filter Assembly, SGH Filter Housing), Pall Filter Elements (Ultipleat High Flow Filter, Nylon Profile, PE-Kleen G2 Filter & PE-Kleen Filter), etc. 

Pall Melt Blown Filter Element (polypropylene / Nylon): ME3300FP, ME3310FP, ME3310CP, Claris DOE, HC3300FN, HC3310CG, HC3310FG) 

Melt Down Filter Housing: "LBV" Filter Housing, IDL/IOL stainless steel housing.

Pall Purifier consists of HNP and HVP Series Purifiers. It is used for fluid conditioning to remove free water and entrained gases from hydraulic and lube oils, dielectric fluids, phosphate esters and quenching fluids. 

Pall metallic filter made of powder metal media / wire mesh / fiber metal media. Models include Dynallow filters, Dynamesh filters, PMF Filters, PMM filters, PSS Filters, Rigimesh Filters

Marksman Filter Cartridge can help improve part and fluid clealiness and extend time between filter change-outs. Models: Marksman DFN, PFT, XLD, NXA Series

For manufacturing application: Profile II Filter Elements

For Fuels & Chemicals: DFT-Classic Filter Cartridge, Duo-Fine Filter Certridge, Durocel Filter Element, Encore Filter Cartridge, Epocel Filter Elements, Profile II, Profile UP Filters, Profile Coreless Filter Elements, Ultipleat SRT High Pressure Filter

For water treatment: Varafine Filters, Pall Aerolith, Membralox 

PALL Filter
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