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Danfoss Socla


In starfound industrial, we supply wide range of Danfoss Socla / Socla products (under Watts Water Technologies). Danfoss Socla / Socla products covers water protection valve, flow control valve, ball valve,  butterfly valve, guide check valve, non-return valve, membrane check valve, backflow preventer, metal seat check valve, pressure reducing valve and so on in Malaysia. 

Some of Danfoss Socla Parts are as below: 

149B2507,149B3834, 149B3029, 149F019180, 149F018860, 149B2907F, 149B3140F, 149B3144F, 149B3142, 149B3146, 149B2322, 149B2327,  149B2125, 149B14077, 149B2164, 149B2170, 149B2842RR, 149B2846RR, 149B5887, 149B2421XB

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