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Tamrotor Compressor

Starfound Industrial supplies a wide range of Tamrotor Compressor spare parts such as air filters, valve, solenoid valve, gasket, o-ring, seal, flexible hose, pressure switch, pressure pipe, screw, pressure gauge, safety valve, non-return valve, high pressure valve, shaft seal kit, filter kit, separator kit, seal inlet valve, oil change kit, seal kit discharge etc in Malaysia. 

Some models of Tamrotor Compressors include: TMC 15-9, TMC 19-9, TMC 22-9, TMC 14-8 EANA, EMH-44-10 EWNA, EMH 21-44 , TMC 27-10 EANA, TMC 85-11 EANA, EMH 35-9 EANA

Example of tamrotor spare parts' part numbers are as below:

Oil Filter (NT4548), Oil Separator Cartridge (NT4550), Belt (NT3058), Orifice (NT1948), Air Filter (NT4568),  Cylinder (NT0679), Seal Kit (NT0683), Inlet Valve (NT8741), Screw (NT0836), Blow-down Valve (NT8739), Flange (NT8768), O-ring (NT8769), Pressure Relief Valve (NT4358), Oil Filter (NT4556), Elbow (NT0501), Non-Return Valve (NT3812), Repair Kit Assy (NT1683)

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