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MOOG Motor, Pump & Valve

Starfound Industrial supplies a wide range of MOOG Actuator, Valve, Motor, Converter & Piston Pumps in Malaysia. MOOG actuator are widely used in various industrial applications including loading control, aircraft, industrial machinery etc. Range of MOOG Actuator including rotary actuator, linear actuator, continuous rotation actuator, electric servo actuator, hydraulic servo actuator etc. Besides, we are capable of supplying relevant MOOG transducer & position sensors too. 

MOOG's motor products cover brush motors, brushless motor, brushless servo motor as well as linear motor. 

MOOG's radial piston pump (RKP) series are widely used in industrial applications too.

MOOG's valves products cover flow control valves, pressure & flow control valve, servo valve, proportional valve etc. 

Models of MOOG Brush Motor:  32300A-XX-04, 42300A-XX-08

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