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Camille Bauer & SINEAX

Starfound Industrial supplies a wide range of Camille Bauer  products  (Measuring & Displaying and Power Analysis)in Malaysia. 

Range of Measuring & Displaying Products cover Power Meter, Transducers, Position Sensors etc. 

Multifunctional Power Meter with Analysis: Centrax CU3000, Centrax CU5000, SINEAX AM1000, SINEAX AM2000, SINEAX AM3000, SINEAX DM5000, A2000, APLUS, SINEAX CAM, SINEAX A220. 

Measuring Transducer for Current Quantities: SIRAX BT5700, SINEAX DM5S, SINEAX DM5F, SINEAX CAM, SINEAX M561, SINEAX M562, SINEAX M563, DME 424, DME 442, SIRAX BT5100, SINEAX U539, SINEAX U543, SINEAX BT5200, SINEAX i542, SIRAX BT5400, SINEAX P530, SINEAX Q531, SINEAX F534, SINEAX F535, SINEAX G536, SINEAX G537

Measuring Transducer for Temp & DC Quantities: SINEAX VQ604s, SINEAX V604s, SINEAX VB604s, SINEAX V608, SINEAX V611, SINEAX V610, SINEAX VS40, SINEAX VS46

Signal Conversion: SINEAX TP619

Isolating Amplifier: SINEAX V620, SINEAX VS50, SINEAX VS52, SINEAX TV804, SINEAX TV808-12, SINEAX TV809, SINEAX TVD825

DC Signal Isolators/Transformers: SINEAX VS54, SINEAX Ti816, DCM 817-4, SINEAX TI 816, SINEAX Si815-5,

Power Packs: SINEAX B811, SINEAX VS70

CAMILLE Bauer Kinax Sensor / Absolute Encoder / Transmitter

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