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Neuenhauser Kompressorenbau NK Compressor

Starfound Industrial supplies a wide range of Neuenhauser Kompressorenbau GmbH NK Compressor spare parts such as air filters, valve, solenoid valve, gasket, o-ring, seal, flexible hose, pressure switch, pressure pipe, screw, pressure gauge, safety valve, non-return valve, air receiver, valve heads etc in Malaysia. 

Range of NK compressor systems include starting air compressors, working air compressors and control air compressors. 

NK Screw type compressors are available in different pressure range of up to 15 bar and can be custom-made with receiver or air dryer if necessary. 

NK Air Systems are built mainly for Diesel & Gas Engine Starting purpose. 

NK Air-cooled hand compressor types are H25, H25 + 30 Ltr., H25 + 63 Ltr. etc. 

Example of NK Air-cooled Compressor models are as below.

NK, NK,, NK, NK, NK, NK, NK, NK,  NK, NK, NK, NK, NK, NK, NK, NK, NK

Example of NK Water-cooled Compressor models are as below.

HD40, HD45, HD60, HD70, HD80, HD90, HD100, HD100, HD40/2, HD45/2, HD50/2, HD60/2, HD70/2, HD80/2, HD90/2, HD100/2, HD110/2

NK Starting Air Systems models are as below: 


RS-PRO 3,0, RS-PRO 4,0, RS-PRO 5,5, RS-PRO 7,5, RS 18,5, RS-PRO 2-30,0, RS-PRO 55,0, RS 75,0

Besides, we are also able to supply TDI Compressed Air Starters. 

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