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Filtrec Filter

Filtrec brand is well-known for its high quality industrial filter and hydraulic filter. 

Filtrec hydraulic filters cover suction filter, inline filter and return filter.

Suction filter types: FA-1 series, FS-1 series, FS-7 series

Inline Filter types: FA-1 series, FA-4 series, FD-3 series, F040-DMD series, F100-XD series, F160-XD series, F280-D1 series, F420-D1 series, FDM-D1 series

Return filter types: FA-1 series, FA-2 series, FR-1 series, FR-8 series, FCR-7 series, FVR-7 series

Industrial Filters cover Simplex filter, Duplex filter, Self Cleaning filter, GAP-Type Filter, Process Cartridge. 

Filtrec Filter
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