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Schroeder Filter

Schroeder Filters are widely used in hydraulic & lube filtration systems worldwide. 

Schroeder Hydraulic & Lube Filters consists of high pressure filters, medium pressure filters, low pressure filters and suction filters. 

Top Ported Filters Model: NF30, YF30, DF40, RF60, CTF60, LCF40, CFX30, MHS60, LC50, PLD, CF60

Base-Ported Filters Model: KF30/GKF30, KC50, GKC50, MKF50, KC65, KKC65

Manifold Mount Filters Model: NMF30, RMF60

Servo Protection Filter Model: NOF30-05, NOF50-760

Cartridge Elements: 14-CRZX10, 20-CRZX10, 20CRZX

Hydrostatic Filter Models: KFH50, HS60

Top-Ported / Return Line Filters: KF5, GH 6, RLT/WRLT, SRLT, GHHF

Base Ported Filters (Medium Pressure): K9, GK9, 3QF5, QF15, QFD2, QF5, QLF15, SSQLF15

Other Schroeder Filters Model: KTK, LTK, KT, MTB, MTA, RT/GRT, LRT, QT, ART, BFT, KFT, RTI, MRT, PAF1, MAF1, SAF1, MF2, IRF, TF1, KF3, KL3/GKL3, MLF1, RLD

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