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Internormen Filters

Starfound Industrial is capable of supplying a wide range of genuine Eaton Internormen hydraulic filter elements, filter assemblies and accessories. 

Eaton Internormen is well-known in producing high quality and innovative filtration products catered for hydraulic and lubricating fluids applications.  Internormen accessories include clogging indicators, cooling systems, bleeder connections and suction strainers. 

Internormen filter housings are available in either simplex or duplex styles and both in-line and off-line configurations.

Some of Internormen Filter models: 303263, 303755, 306609, 312751, 309654, 01E.240.16VG.HR.E.P, 01.NL.400.40G.30.E.P.VA, 01.E950.10VG.10.E.P, 01NL.400.25VG.30.E.P, 01E32010VG16SP, 01.E.2001.10.VG10.S.P.

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