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In starfound industrial, we supply quite a wide range of Leuze products used for various automation applications in Malaysia.  

Leuze products cover switching sensors (optical sensor, inductive sensor, capacitive sensor, ultrasonic sensor, fiber optic sensor, forked sensor, light curtains, 3D sensor as well as other special sensor), measuring sensors (optical distance sensor, ultrasonic distance sensor, positioning sensor etc), safety products (optoelectronic safety sensor, safety locking switch/sensor, data transmission component, modular connection units, power supply etc. 

Type of Optical sensor: Photoelectric sensors/diffuse sensors, cubic/cylindrical (2 series, 3 series, 8 series, 10 series, 18 series, 46 series, 49C series, 55 series, 93 series, 110 series), (318 plastic series, 318 metal series, 328 series etc)

Type of Measuring Sensors: ODSL 8, ODSL 9, ODSL 30, ODS 110, 318 series, 430 series, GS 745B

Type of Safety Products: MLC 500, MLC 300, MLD 500, MLD 300 transceiver, RSL 400, RS4

Type of Data Transmission Components: DDLS 500, DDLS 200, MA 200i, MA 100, MA 150, MA2, MA 21, MA 8, MA 900/MSC 900

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