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Industrial Compressor & Parts

We offer Genuine, OEM and High Quality Replacement Spare Parts, for almost all types of Air Compressors, such as: suction valves, delivery valves, pistons, piston rings, oil scrappers, shaft seals, oil filters, air filters, oil separators, gauges, solenoid valves, gaskets, impeller shafts, keys, sleeves, washers, packing, mouth rings, seal kits, o-rings, pressure control switches, compression ring, temperature sensors, disc packing, valve guards, exhaust muffler etc.

  • Tanabe Compressor (296C, H-264, H-273, H-63, H-64, HC-264A, HC-265, HC-275, HC-64, HC-65, LHC-33, LHC-254A, LHC-54A, LSHC-30A, SHC-295D, VLH-74A etc)

  • TMC Tamrotor Compressor (TMC 15-9, TMC 19-9, TMC 22-9, TMC 14-8 EANA, EMH-44-10 EWNA, EMH 21-44 , TMC 27-10 EANA, TMC 85-11 EANA, EMH 35-9 EANA)

  • Hatlapa Compressor (L9, L14, L20, L35, VA60, VA75, VA100, L140, L160, L190, L220, L270, L350)

  • Sauer Compressor (WP 400, WP 270L, WP240 L100, WP150L, WP120L, WP100L, WP65L, WP32L, WP25L, WP18L, WP13L, WP81L, WP5L, WP 15, WP 33, WP 151, WP 101, WP240, WP310, WP40)

  • Sperre Compressor (HL2/77, HLF2/77, HL2/77A, HL2/90A, HL2/120, HL2/140, HL2/160, HV2/210, LL2/120)

  • Neunhauser Kompressorenbau NK Compressor (NK, NK,, NK, NK, NK, NK, NK, NK,  NK, NK, NK, NK, NK, NK, NK, NK, NK

Brands of Compressor and Spare Parts:




- Neuenhauser Kompressorenbau NK Compressor

- Hatlapa Compressor

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