Jabsco Pump 


Jabsco is a renown brand in producing Bilge Pump, Centrifugal Pump, Flexible Impeller Pump, Sea Water Engine Cooling Pump for industrial & marine applications. Starfound Industrial is supplying Jabsco pump in Malaysia. 

Some of Jabsco Flexible Impeller Pump Models: Jabsco 10550-200, Jabsco 11810, Jabsco 1230, Jabsco 12560-0001, Jabsco 18220, Jabsco 18660, Jabsco 22860, Jabsco 30510-1000, Jabsco 30530-2000, Jabsco 50220, Jabsco 52040, Jabsco 52080,

Some of Jabsco Bilge Pump Models: Jabsco 36680-2000, Jabsco 36600, Jabsco 51270

Jabsco Engine Cooling Pump Models: Jabsco 10550-200, Jabsco 10950-2401, Jabsco 15780-0000, Jabsco 1673-1000, Jabsco 17040-0001, Jabsco 17360-0001, Jabsco 17050-0001, Jabsco 17970-0100, Jabsco 17810-1300, Jabsco 18370, Jabsco 18940-0010, Jabsco 29470-2701, Jabsco 29640-1101, Jabsco 29630-1101, Jabsco 42730-0000, Jabsco 50410, Jabsco 9970

Jabsco Water Pump 6400-1051
Jabsco Pump 53270-2013
Jabsco Pump 53041-2053-230
Jabsco Pump 50840-0012
Jabsco Pump 53020-2013
Jabsco Pump 29640-1101
Jabsco Bronze Pedestal Pump
Jabsco Bronze Pedestal Pump
Jabsco Pump 5850-0001
Jabsco Pump 18660-0121
Jabsco Impeller Pump
Jabsco Impeller Pump
Jabsco Water Recirculating Pump
Jabsco Water Recirculating Pump
Jabsco Pump
Jabsco Pump
Jabsco Impeller Kit 18948-0001-P
Jabsco Service Kit SK416-0003
Jabsco Lip Seal Kit 1040-0000
Jabsco Minor Service Kit 90124-0001
Jabsco Impeller Kit 17936-0001-P
Jabsco Impeller Kit 4568-0001-P
Jabsco Impeller Kit 22120-0001
Jabsco Impeller Kit 6303-0003-P
Jabsco Impeller Kit 17935-0001-P
Jabsco Impeller Kit 14750-0003-P
Jabsco Repair Kit
Jabsco Repair Kit
Jabsco Impeller
Jabsco Impeller
Jabsco Impeller Kit 1210-0001-P
Jabsco Impeller 4598-0001-P
Jabsco Impeller Kit 17937-0001-P
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