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Parker Racor Filters

Parker’s Racor Division is the one of the most reputable name in the engine, mobile, marine and stationary fuel filtration and water separation industries.

In Malaysia, Starfound Industrial is the recognized seller of Parker Racor filters.

Racor full product line includes fuel filter/water separator systems, high flow filter vessels and elements, oil filter systems, automatic transmission filters, heavy-duty engine air filters, crankcase ventilation filter systems, coolant products and reverse osmosis water makers. 

Some example of Racor product category are Racor SNAPP™ filter, Racor Spin-on Series Diesel Fuel Filters, Racor Turbine Series Diesel Fuel Filters, CVV (Crankvent Ventilation) Emission Filters, spin-on Aquabloc filter elements, Racor 500FG Diesel Fuel Filter, Racor 900FH Diesel Fuel Filter, Racor 1000FH Diesel Fuel Filter, etc. 

Racor Spin On Filter: R13T, R13P, R15S, R20T, R25P, R40P, R90S, R125T, R120P, R110A, R120T, R90T

Racor Turbine Series Filter: 2020SM, 2020PM, 2020TM, 2010PM, 2010SM, 2010TM, 2040SM, 2040TM, 2040PM, 2000SM-OR, 2000TM-OR, 2000PM-OR, 900MA

Other filters model: 345R, 445R, 645R, 225R, R24SUL, 75500MAX, 1000FG30, 500FG30, 500FG10, 1000FG10, S3240TUL, S3227

Parker Racor
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