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Schmersal Relay, Switch, Sensor, Interlocks, Actuator

Starfound Industrial supplies a wide range of Schmersal products covering safety switch with actuator, solenoid interlocks, position switch, safety switch for hinged guards, safety sensors, pull-wire emergency stop switches, emergency stop button, safety light barriers, safety light curtains, foot switch, safety-monitoring modules, input expanders, output extensions, standstill monitors & time relays, safety controller, command & signalling device, position switch, magnetic reed switch, pull-wire switches, rotating spindle limit switch, slack-wire switch, belt alignment switch, gear switch, photo-electric proximity switch, PROFINET Safety-field-box in Malaysia. 

Example of SCHMERSAL Safety Switch with Separate Actuator model series: AZ 15, AZ 16, AZ 16ZI, AZ 17, AZ 17ZI, AZ 200, AZ 201, AZ 415, AZ 3350, SCG, SDG, SHG, TZG

Example of SCHMERSAL Solenoid Interlocks model series: AZM40, AZM150, AZM201, AZM300, AZM400, MZM 100, AZM 161, AZM 161I, AZM 170, AZM 200, AZM 200D, TKM/TKF, 

Example of SCHMERSAL Position Switch Model series: PS116, PS215, PS226, PS315, ZS 235, ZS 236, ZS 256,.

Example of SCHMERSAL Hinge Safety Switch model series: T.V10S 500, TV.S 335, TV.S 355, TV8S 521, TESZ, TESF, TESK

Example of SCHMERSAL Safety Sensor model series: RSS 16, RSS 36, RSS 260, CSS 30, CSS 30S, CSS 34, CSS 300, BNS 16, BNS 303, BNS 260

Example of SCHMERSAL Pull-wire Emergency Stop Switches model series: ZQ 700, ZQ 900, RS655

Example of SCHMERSAL Safety-Related Tactile Sensor Model series: SMS 4, SMS 5

Example of SCHMERSAL Safety Light Barrier: SLB 240, SLB 440

Example of SCHMERSAL Enabling Device model series: ZSD

Part Number:

AZ201-I2-CC-T-1P2P, AZ201-I2-ST2-T-1P2P, AZ/AZM201-B1-LT, AZ/AZM201-B1-RT, AZ/AZM201-B30-RTAG1P31, AZ16ZVK-M16, AZ16ZVK-ST, SLB240-ER-1-LST, SLB240-ER-4-LST, ZSD5/O.LTG, AZ15ZVK-M16, AZ15ZVRK-ST, AZ16-03ZI-B1-M16, AZ16-12ZI-B1-M16, SRB200X2-24V, SRB301MC-24V, SRB304-ST, SRB301MA, SRB201ZHX3, SRB-E-402ST, PSC1-C-10-FB1, PSC1-C-10-FB1-PNPS, PSC1-C-10-FB1-ECFS, PSC1-C-10-SDM1, PSC1-C-10-FB2, IFL2-8-01STP, IFL2-8-10STP, IFL2-8M-10N, IFL3B-8M-10P, G 50/150, T. 454-22Z-H

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