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Masuda filters from Japan produces quite a wide range of suction line filter used in different applications. 

There are different series of Masuda filters includes MST, MSN, VLF, FS, FSA, VLF-R, VLM-R, LPF, LMT, FPL, BR, APL, MSA, etc. 

Some Masuda filters models includes A04-025SW, T06-020P, A08-040SW, APLE04-100S, A020-010SW-F, F06-02P, F08-100SW, F12-020P, F12-100AN, F12-100SW, F24-100SW, FS-08-100SW, FSS-12-100S12F, FS16-100SW, M08-010SW, MSY04, R12-010SW etc. 

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