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Sherwood Pump 


Sherwood is a renown brand in producing marine & industrial pumps, repair kit, impeller kit & spare parts. 

Some of major engine cooling pumps models are as below: 

(1) SH 1200, SH 2000, SH 3000

(2) SH D-55, D-60, E-35

(3) G Series Engine Cooling Pump: G-1010, G-1012, G-2, G-21, G-2607X, G-2902X, G-2903X, G-2904X, G-2910X, G-4, G-65, G8001, G8002, 

(4) SH F-85 cooling pump

(5) SH GC5, SH GC1

(6) SH H-10, SH H-5

(7) SH M71, SH L-10B

(8) P1710C, P1722C, P1730C, P1732C, P176X, P1733X

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