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Fleetguard / Donaldson / Caterpillar / Baldwin / Racor / Wix / Perkins Filter

Starfound Industrial is capable of supplying a wide range of filters under these brands: Fleetguard, Donaldson, Caterpillar, Baldwin, Racor, Wix, Perkins etc for Malaysia market demand.


If the particular brands of filters, our team can offer direct interchangeable filters as alternative option too.


Filters that we supply are widely used in many different applications like trucks, generator, heavy duty vehicles, engines, compressors, air-conditioners, hydraulic systems etc. The full filter range includes lube oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, hydraulic filter, filter housing, air filter panel, coolant filter, steam filter, fuel polishing system, etc. 

Example of Fleetguard Filter Models: WF2076, FF5776, LF3959, LF3806, FS1253, FF5811,  FF185, FF5488, LF3703, FF5502, LF777, LF701, LF670, HF6315, FS1006, AF26188, LF9009, FS19613, HF7950, AF26412, AF25957, AF25436

Example of Donaldson Filter Models: P550431, P553191, P550202, P557440, P550779, P575333, P550880, P551670, P554074, P553771, P559000, P550127, P568666, P560693, P179089, P564357, P557440, P551318, P551433, P822768, P181103, P777868, P150135, P551317, P550529, P551010, P551423, P551712, P532504, P550008, P552687, P777871

Example of Caterpillar Filter Models: 1R-0755, 1R-0751, 1R-0762, 299-8229, 360-8960, 1R-0756, 102-2828, 1R-0750, 1R-1807, 7W-2327, 1R-0749, 371-7271, 1R-0755, 435-6493, 273-5711, 1R-0762, 4T-6915

Example of Perkins Filter Models: 130366120, 2654403, 2654407, 26561117, 140517050, 2654A104, 2652C847, 4416851, 26560143, 3611274, 4415122

Example of Baldwin Filter Models: BT345, BF979, BF7940, B7177, BT216, BT230, B27, BT9464, B7047, BT274, PT302, BF992, B178, BF7956-D, BT372-MPG, BF5800, BT23628, B7039, BF1345-SP

Example of Racor Filter Models: 2020PM-OR, 2010PM-OR, 2020TN-OR, 2020TM-OR, 900FH, 1000FH10, S3227, FBO 60328, 2020SM-OR, 2010SM-OR, 500FG, 900MA30, 500FG2, S3232, S3213, R60P, R125P, 2040SM, R24T, R90P, 

Example of Wix Filter Models: 51515, 49012, 46560, 33358

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