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OMT Hydraulic Filter & Valves

Starfound Industrial supplies a wide range of OMT Filtri Hydraulics products such as filters, counterbalance valve, pressure relief valve, check valve, flow regulator valve, and solenoid valve in Malaysia. 

OMT Filtri Filters cover suction filters, return filters, pressure filters and air filters. 

Series of OMT Filtri Suction Filter: AFI, AFR, OMTI, SF/SP, FOA 

Series of OMT Filtri Return Filter: OMTF, FTT, OMTI, OMTP, AFR, AFI

Series of OMT Filtri Pressure Filter: AFI, APM, FTT, OMTI, MHP, HPB, HMM, HTM, HPM

Sample models of OMT Filtri Filter Element: 

CFI025C10, CFI040F10, CFI250R60, CFI250F25, CFI250E, CFI100F25, CR091C10R, CR111R60A, CR112C10A, CR112C10S, CR171C10A, CR171R60S, SA34G100, CS05ANR, OMTI05ANR-I, OMT-03918

Range of OMT Filtri Counterbalance Valve Products: Cartridge Valve, Single Acting Valve, Double Acting Valves, Motor Flangeable Valve, Regenerative Valve etc. 

Range of OMT Filtri Pressure Relief Valve Product: Cartridge Valve, Sequence Valve and Pump Unloading Valve 

Range of OMT Filtri Check Valves Product: Cartridge Valve, Cartridge Pilot Valve, Valve with Single Acting Body, Insert-Type Check Valve, Valve with Manual Shut off

Range of OMT Filtri Flow Regulator Valve Product: Cartridge Valve, Flow divider/combiner, Insert-type Valve, Ball Valve, Flow Diverter Valve

Range of OMT Filtri Solenoid Valve Product: Pilot Operated 2/2 Solenoid Valve, Double Lock 2/2 Solenoid Valve, 3/2 Solenoid valve, Coils

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