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Baumer Sensor & Encoder 

Baumer is a leading manufacturer of innovative & high quality sensors & accessories for applications in industrial automation. 

Starfound Industrial supplies a wide range of Baumer photoelectric sensor, fibre optic sensor, capacitive sensor, ultrasonic sensor, magnetic sensor, mechanical switches, radar sensor, optical distance sensor, transducer, rotary encoders, angle sensor, force sensor, strain sensor, counters / display, etc. in Malaysia. 

Baumer Level Detection Sensor: CFAK 12P1103, CFAK 12N1103, CFAK 18N1200, CFAM 12N3600, CFAM 18N1600

Baumer Capacitive Proximity Sensor: CFAK 18N3600

Baumer Cylindrical Sensor: IFR 05.82.05, IFRM 03N1501/L, IFRM 03N3503/Q, IFRM 04N15A1/L 

​Baumer Inductive Proximity Sensor: IFFM 08N17A6/KS35L, IFFM 08N17A6/L, IFRM 12N1701/S14L

Baumer Ultrasonic Sensor: UEDK 20P6103/S35A, UNDK 20P7803/S35A

Baumer Photoelectric Sensor: FHDK 20N6901/S35A, FZDM 08P1002, FEAM 08P1002

Baumer Laser Sensor (Distance Measurement): OADM 13, OADM 20

Baumer Rotary Encoder (Absolute): G0AMH.1203P32, G0MMH.E203P34, GEMMH.4208P23

Baumer Force / Strain Sensor: DLPP 6MO-2.5-4.4, DSRH I16-1415M

Baumer Couplings: 10115088, Z 119.023, Z119.073

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